Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and Conferences

VI Conference on higher education of Republic of Srpska

Slobomir P Univerzitet - konferencija o visokom obrazovanju

 The Academy of Arts and Sciences of Republic of Srpska and the Rectors’ Conference of the Republic of Srpska, organized the Sixth Conference on Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska at Slobomir P University in January 22, 2013.  The topic that was discussed was “the organization and management of the 3rd cycle studies at the institutions of higher education in the Republic of Srpska”.

The aim of the conference was to consider the issues of organization and management of the third cycle studies at the institutions of higher education in the Republic of Srpska, the exchange of previous experience, the analysis of the existing and potential issues, and discussion of the possibilities of cooperation between institutions of higher education on this matter. The idea is to contribute to the strengthening of the educational system in the Republic of Srpska in this manner.

Stanko Stanić, the president of the Rectors’ conference, said that those present at the assembly sought for the guidelines for the management of PhD studies, through the exchange of information and previous modest experience, so as to avoid mistakes which the neighbouring countries made in this field.

Mrs. Jelena Starčević from the Ministry of education and culture of the Republic of Srpska reminded everyone that this highest level of education lasts at least three years, that there were a lot of issues in the region with transferring from the old onto the new educational system, and that in the Republic of Srpska, the organization of the third cycle studies is approached carefully. “We have rounded the first cycle studies, there were two generations of MA studies and the pre-conditions for the organization of the third cycle studies have been created, for the purpose of which personnel, material and technical conditions need to be provided”, Starčević said.

„The organization of the third cycle studies ought to be based on relevant normative-legal acts, as well as determining the minimal standards of operation of PhD studies at the institutions of higher education in the Republic of Srpska (enrollment requirements, study programs structure, study financing), and on multidisciplinarity, study internationalization and establishing mobility of students and academic staff” pointed out the acting rector of Slobomir P University, docent Vaso Arsenović, PhD.

Mitar Novaković, Rector of the University in East Sarajevo, told the news reporters that the Republic of Srpska has the capacity to organize PhD studies and that we should cooperate with bigger universities in the neighbouring countries in the process. The papers presented at the 6th Conference on higher education will be published in the assembly journal.

Scientific conference “National state and economy”

naucni skup1

The international scientific conference titled „National state and economy“was held at Slobomir P University, in September 24, 2011.This one-day scientific conference gathered about twenty esteemed professors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Russia, among whom there were Jovan Todorović, Zoran Milošević, Dragutin Mirović, Peter Kovačić – Peršin, Nikola M. Gavrić, Miloš Knežević, Ilija Ćalina, Braco Kovačević, Dule Vejinović, Lazo Ristić, Branko Balj, Filip Vetrov, Zoran Isailović, Ljiljana Jović, Nikola Fabris, and others.

Professor Zoran Milošević, PhD, the president of the Organizational Board pointed out that the topic„National state and economy“is very interesting and current, stressing that the goal of this conference is to ‘consider a number of significant issues for national states, and contradictions of political and economic national state sovereignty, ideological and other solutions vital for the chosen topic’, through disquisitions relevant facts presentation.

The papers of the participants will be published in the assembly journal „National state and economy“.


Seminar za nastavnike i profesore osnovnih i srednjih škola

Seminari i strucni skup - Slobomir P Univerzitet

In the cooperation with the Republic Pedagogical Institute, Slobomir P University organized seminars and scientific assembly for the teachers and professors in elementary and high schools, February, 19, in Doboj and February 26, 2011 in Slobomir. 551 teachers and professors from all the cities in the Republic of Srpska attended the seminars. They had the opportunity to listen to 13 different topics, and after the seminars, 15 participants took part in the scientific assembly and presented their papers which were published in the journals of Slobomir P University, ‘Nauka’ and ‘Infomat’. The participants were more than satisfied with the organization of the entire event, as well as the topics, and most of them expressed their interest in the similar activities at SPU, stating that they would participate again.

Seminar newsletter can be downloaded here.




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