The University bodies

The University bodies

The University bodies are the Managing Board, the Senate, the Rector, the President of the University and the Advisory Council.

The Managing Board

The managing body of the University is the Managing Board of Slobomir P University. The term of office for the members of the Managing Board is four years.

The Managing Board consists of 11 members, made up of 2 representatives of the founders, 2 representatives of the non-academic staff, 5 representatives of the academic staff, 2 representatives of the students. The President of the Managing Board is chosen from among the academic staff.

The Senate

The Senate is the highest academic body of the University which consists of the representatives of the academic staff and students out of which at least one third of the total number are full professors.

Senate consists of the Rector, as the President of the Senate, vice-rectors, one member of each faculty/academy from among the academic staff employed full time and one representative of students from each study cycle.

The Rector

The Rector manages the University. The Rector represents the University, organizes and manages the university activities, enacts individual acts in accordance with the law and university statute, suggests general acts in accordance with the Law and university statute, suggests the measures for improving the work of the University to the Managing Board and the Senate, suggests the measures for efficiency and legality of the work of the University to the Managing Board, suggests the outline of the University work and development plan, adopts the Rulebook on internal organization and the working places systematization, executes the decisions of the Managing Board about the other bodies of the university at the suggestion of the Managing Board, submits the report about the financial operations of the university to the Managing Board, instructs the execution of the financial plan, participates in the rector conference, concludes contracts for the university, discontinues acts of the organizational units managers if it is determined that they are in contrast to the Law and this Statute, appoints and dismisses deans and the managers of the organizational units, promotes doctors of science, professors emeriti and full professors at the suggestion of the council, signs diplomas and diploma supplements, cooperates with other universities and scientific institutions in the country and abroad with the consent of the Senate, appoints and dismisses organizational units managers at the suggestion of the Teaching and Scientific Council of the faculty/academy, and performs other activities in accordance with the law, Statute and other general acts of the University.



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