Slobomir P University, within its publication activity, publishes the notebooks and books from law, economics, technology and arts for the needs of their professors, students and the others interested persons. Currently, there are more publications offered, which can be bought in the Library “Mira Pavlovic”. More about it can be found HERE.

Since 2010, the magazine “SPU Voice” has been published and it is edited with the mutual forces of the employed, students and assistants of the Slobomir P University. It was made as a result of the desire to create something that will make students to find out more about the events at the university in the moments of rest, in a easy and non-aggressive way, and also to find out more about the contemporary events from the field of economics, law, arts, technology, research, world trends, etc. All the published editions of the magazine can be downloaded from the page “SPU VOICE”.



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