Slobomir P University has recently visited a number of distinguished guests, and some of them have said the following:
… The promotion of the first generation of graduates:


… Employees of Slobomir P University are Government Regulation on the establishment of institutions of higher education continues to creatively developed, formed the study programs that can really recommend, have adequate teaching staff, excellent conditions for work, so I think it is a higher education institution, which in any case is a reference and I would say that it is a privilege to study at this university. ”
Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, Anton Kasipović


“… I, as a man, I feel really happy and satisfied with the fact that I can see what is here logistics, such as standards, such as the energy that pulls here and that brings together, and it’s something that can be a role model to many, not only private colleges . Higher education in the Republic of Serbian should continue to be developed on the model of Slobomir P University. ”
President of the Republic of Srpska, Mr. Milorad Dodik



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