Having in mind that members of the alumni association of our best ambassadors in the country and abroad, we wanted to establish such an association that would former students of Slobomir P University provide a long-term contact, as with the institution as well as with all the other graduates of the University.

The members of the Alumni Association becomes a graduate from the undergraduate, master’s or doctoral studies, at a faculty or academy of Slobomir P the University, and filling in the application form for membership in the Alumni Association of Slobomir P University.

The main goals existence and work of the Alumni Association are:

- Establish and maintain a permanent connection between SPU and his students after graduation,

- Connect all former students of SPU in the Alumni Association SPU to allow cooperation among them,

- Improving the work of SPU as an educational and research institutions in terms of possession of adequate and timely information that can provide the members of the Alumni Association,

- Development of cooperation SPU with companies and institutions in which they are engaged former students,

- Motivation and promotion of members of the Alumni Association in the context of encouraging professional and scientific-research activities,

- Participation in international scientific and professional exchange and the establishment of relations with alumni associations from the region and beyond fostering and protecting high ethical codes in business




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