The student organization

The student organization

The Union of Slobomir P University ( USPU ) is representative student body of Slobomir P University that works on improving the quality of studying and on making sure students are well-represented in society, improving student standards, the amount of information they can reach, cooperating with other student organizations, and universities, both foreign and domestic; organizing humanitarian , cultural ,sports events.

USPU is currently in the process of integrating into Student Union of Republic of Srpska (SURS). An alliance with the official student body will have a tremendous significance for the students of Pavlovic University, which will surpass the barriers between public and private universities and allow students from every university to inter-relate.

The student union is planning to organize an event for the purpose of self-promotion among larger student and highschool centers (Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Foca, Brcko,itd) and for the participants to be part of seminars organized by youth and student organizations of RS and BiH. More details will be presented on the university’s website.

Some of these events havw already taken place, for instance the Scientific Research Rally of the young population, organized by the Student Parlament of Banja Luka University, followed by the Rally of the Youth Counsel organized under the patronship of the Ministry of Sport and Youth, RS, where some of our students took part in. In order for a student to take part in these events, he must be a member of the Student Union.

Each student of Slobomir P University upon enrolling on the university, automatically becomes a member of the Student Union. The responsibilities of members are regulated by the Rulebook on the Responsibilies of Union Members. Some of these are : participating in different project organized by the Union, taking part in seminars and rallies organized by the Union or some other student organization, contributing with new ideas, and suggestions.