A student which has concluded all of his pre-exam tasks and has passed all of his exams in the given study program, is given the right to defend his thesis. The procedure of applying and defending the thesis is the following:

1. A student can apply the subject of the thesis only after he has passed all of his exams, concluded within the 7th semester.

2. After selecting a mentor and decidingon the subject of the thesis, a student can make a request to the dean to defend his thesis.

3. The dean must make a decision within 8 days after he has received the application.

4. Upon selecting the subject of the thesis, student can start working on his thesis. The thesis is written on A4 paper format and must contain at least 30 pages.A student can choose write his paper in both cyrilic and latin. You can download the instruction on how to write the thesis on this page, as well as the example of how the first page of the paper looks like. The library contains student papers that can be used as models for your own thesis.

5. Special circumstances apply when it comes to the study program Design and Graphics, where the format is decided on with the help of the mentor due to the specific content of the thesis. It doesn’t need to be hard-bound.

6. Defending the thesis can be held no sooner than 7 days after the completion of the last exam.

7. Applying for the defense of the thesis implies that:

- a student must submit 5 hard-bound copies of the thesis 7 days before defending the thesis, at the least, and a an electronic copy of the thesis (cd/ dvd);

-a student has made all the necessary payments at the university

-a students has returned all the books in the university library

-a students has passed all of his exams