Autor: Slobomir P Univerzitet

December 29, 2014

Igor Peric – Faculty of Information Technology

Slobomir P University (SPU) Faculty of Information Technology student, Igor Peric, after completing undergraduate studies at our University, will seek further development at universities in France, Scotland and Spain, where he will study computer image processing and robotics (Computer vision and robotics). In high school, Igor had demonstrated a tendency towards computer science, mathematics and technical sciences. He was a straight A student, and received the opportunity of free education at SPU. After a large number of highest scores during the study, participation in Olympiads in Informatics and excellent results in Microsoft’s prestigious competitions, Igor Peric quite deservedly got another great opportunity for progress and development. From about 114 talented young people from Europe, America and Asia, Igor is one of nine students who have the opportunity to continue their education at the prestigious scholarship program “Erasmus Mundus” the European Commission.

Aleksandar i Miloš Kojic – Faculty of Information Technology

Students of the Faculty of Information Technology, brothers, Aleksandar and Milos Kojic finished secondary technical school in Zvornik. One is a straight A student, and is exempt from tuition fees. They show their creativity and inventiveness daily. They participate in various conferences and competitions, and with their teachers constantly work in the field of research and innovative work.

Uroš Janicijevic – student of the Academy of Arts

Uros Janicijevic is a fourth year guitar student at the Department of Music. He has finished Music School in Zvecan, and enrolled to study at the Academy of Art, SPU, at the recommendation of Professor Milos Janjic. His success during education continued at the University. He has participated in many competitions, within which he has achieved many valuable prizes. On the recommendation of professors from the Academy, he started working in the Central Music School “Stevan St. Mokranjac” in Bijeljina.

Sonja Gavric – Student Fiscal Academy

Sonja Gavric is a third year student at the Tax Academy. Her university education began in 2010, after graduating Grammar school “Filip Visnjic” in Bijeljina. Since she was a straight A student in high school, the University has enabled her free education. Based on her successful efforts within the University, she has participated in important competitions and won prizes. In addition, she works at the RTRS as a presenter.