In the city of Slobomir, in 2009/2010 school year students have at their disposal the building with comfortable rooms. It includes the ground floor and two floors, and it consists of the accommodation part divided into four blocks with separate male and female part. The building has a total of 22 rooms, with 41 spaces. There are single, double and triple rooms. Every block has the mutual bathroom and sanitary knot. The administration and doorman are on the ground floor, as well as the service and the laundry. On the first floor there are social room, dining room and the club. The building is equipped with the water installations, sewing installations, heating and air conditioner installations, electro installations, telephone and computer network, installations in café of fire and video surveillance.

This building is just next to the Slobomir P University, so we have the right to say that it is on a really attractive location. Keeping in mind that just near this accommodation complex started the construction of the Aqua City with the open and covered swimming pools, it can be said that the students, who are in Slobomir, will have the impression of being in an American campus. The hotel construction, as an accommodation complex, by the aqua park is also planned. In October, 2010 started the works on the heating plant and the implementation of the pipes for the heating og Slobomir.



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