The main task of the marketing sector of the Slobomir P University is the presentation and promotion of the University values, as an academic institution worth of respect, which provides the students with the education of the highest quality given by the well-established professors and practice experts. Besides that, this service qualitatively performs the jobs of PR and advertising activity with the aim of building and improving the relations with the narrower and wider surrounding, the building of the recognizable brand of the University and its reputation via the development of the marketing strategy. In the cooperation with the other sectors, this sector should establish qualitative, well-timed, authentic, confident communication with the current and future students, employees and the wider social community.


The marketing sector works at the campus in Slobomir and Doboj every work day from 8am to 4pm.


The employed:

Name and surname Office Campus Telephone E-mail
Zeljka Jakovljevic 110 Slobomir 055 231 135
Sanja Mitrovic   Doboj 053 209 629
Danijela Maksimovic   Doboj 053 209 629
Aleksandra Ružić 110 Slbomir 055 231 135




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