Letter to prospective students

Letter to prospective students

Dear Prospective Student,

We have the honour and pleasure to introduce Slobomir P University to You. This is the first private university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of six faculties which work equally in two campuses, Slobomir and Doboj. The campus in Slobomir, new city near Bijeljina, provides students with good study environment, away from the city noise, and with a lot of tranquility. On the other hand, the campus in Doboj is an ideal place for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city, as the faculty is located in the city centre, near the old fortress and a new, modern park.
Educating professionals, who will after graduation achieve prestigious work and personal careers, demands high standards, which our University is governed by. It is in the first place highly qualified teaching staff, so that the lecturers at our faculties are competent and prominent scholars. They have achieved remarkable results in the area of their expertise, in teaching as well as scientific research work. The learning conditions are exceptional. Students have access to modern classrooms with all the necessary teaching aids, restaurants, classrooms with internet connection, library, sports facilities, etc. The project of virtual-electronic unification of educational centers, Slobomir and Doboj, has been implemented.

Slobomir is one of the rare universities in the region which provides such working environment, and which enables professors to acquaint themselves with students, by working with small student groups, and thus achieve closer cooperation and encourage their creativity and talent. All groups are characterized by pleasant friendly, relaxed and a sort of a family atmosphere.
For our students, we have prepared high-quality study programs at the following faculties:

- Faculty of Information technology
- Faculty of Economics and management
- Faculty of Philology
- Faculty of Law
- Fiscal academy and 
- Academy of Arts.

We hope that this brief introduction has attracted your attention and encouraged you to learn more about the work of Slobomir P University. We look forward to our future cooperation!



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