The office for the coordination of the quality ASSURANCE at the Slobomir P University is the integral part of the entire process of the quality insurance at the University.

The quality insurance of work and studies performed by the University, faculties and academies of the University, is the part of the national quality insurance and precondition for the comparability of degrees and qualifications within the unique European field of high education.

The goal of the establishment of the institutional system for the quality insurance is the identification of the work quality standard and the regulation of the mechanism and actions for management, monitoring, valuation, advancement and quality development, as well as development of politics and organizational culture in performing all the duties of the University.

The areas of priority in which the quality is insured, secured, advanced and controlled are:
- the quality of study programs
- the quality of education process
- the quality of specialized research
- the quality of professors and associates
- the quality of students
- the quality of books, literature, library and informatics resources
- the quality of managing academic institutions and the quality of non-educational support
- the quality of space and equipment
- the quality of financing
- the role of students in self-assessment and the quality review
- the systematic monitoring and the periodical quality review
- the work publicity

The office performs the following tasks:
- gives advice and recommendations for the organizational University units
- organizes seminars in the field of quality insurance
- establishment and editing of documents on the quality insurance
- defines the criteria of the qualitative functioning of the University
- develops the methods of outer and inner assessment, methods for research of the educational quality aspects as well as different target groups (students, professors, administrative staff, managers, employers)
- prepares, organizes and coordinates the assessment of different functional segments of the University
- insures the feedback from students and aims their suggestions, proposals and critics
- collects, processes and analyses the information on the quality insurance of all the users
- organizes the proficient and professional accomplishment of the educational and administrative staff

The Quality Coordinator: Ivana Vladimirović

Phone: + 387 55 231 127,
E-mail: ivana.vladimirović@spu.ba
Offoce: Kampus u Slobomiru br. 102 (prvi sprat)



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