Since 2010, the magazine “SPU Voice” has being published and it is edited with the mutual forces of the employed, students and assistants of the Slobomir P University. It was made as a result of the desire to create something that will make students to find out more about the events at the university in the moments of rest, in a easy and non-aggressive way, and also to find out more about the contemporary events from the field of economics, law, arts, technology, research, world trends, etc.

All the published editions of the magazine can be downloaded from the page “SPU Voice”.

The scientific journals of the Slobomir P University, “Science” is the magazine which deals with social and humanistic sciences. It is published three times a year as an online magazine, and the editing board considers only the unpublished works in Serbian or any other language. Scientific publications published in the magazine “Science” underlie the process of double review. The magazine also publishes the reviews of books, short written forms and comments of the scientific and professional interest, which do not underlie the double review. It is expected from the author to, during the making process, follow the directives defined by the Editing board of the journals.

More information can be found on the page of the magazine “Science”.

“Infomat” is the electronic, expert and scientific magazine published by the IT Faculty of Slobomir P University. The magazine publishes critiques and original authorized works and its aim is to promote the scientific research and the process of grouping the information on current achievements, contents, technologies and services from the field of information technology, electrical engineering and mathematics.

“Infomat” accept the works written in Serbian and English, according to the directives of the Editing board, and they represent the contribution to the wide spectrum of topics. The magazine publishes the works from the field of information technology, electrical engineering and mathematics, and all of them underlie the review, after which the authors are informed about their works. The accepted works are published in the electronic version on the website of the magazine. The magazine is published once a year in the electronic version.

More information can be found on the page of the journals “Infomat”.




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