For the future students the Slobomir P University prepared qualitative study programs according to the Bologna process, created in such a way to satisfy the requirements of the modern labor market and business.

The Faculty for Economy and Management

002_Ekonomija• Study program ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT 180 ECTS

The Faculty for Economics and Management during the years became the recognizable brand in education and in the fields of economics and management. The most important goal of this faculty is the creation of the study programs, which will provide students with the high class education and competitive advantage. So far, many partnerships with the respectable universities and business schools from abroad have been established. The net of the companies, which cooperate with this university, has been made and the number of education programs has been increased, which is a real confirmation of the constant attempts to continuously keep the high level of quality.

Faculty of Information technology


Faculty of Information Technology was established in line with the fact that this is an area with incomparably the highest rate of growth and development in the history of human civilization.
By adopting trends of the global education system through the Bologna principles and cooperation with other colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and business organizations, the Faculty of Information Technology expresses the desire to soon find itself in the company of the best and most respected. Our students are a living proof with their success in competitions and quick employment after graduation.

Faculty of Law

005_PravniStudy Program LAW STUDIES 180 ECTS
General course
Study Program LAW STUDIES 240 ECTS
General course
The course for the general safety

The studies at the Faculty of Law are created to provide the students with the knowledge acquirement from law and other familiar social sciences. Our faculty is cooperative when it comes to needs of contemporary education, providing the modern study programs, well-established lecturers, mentor work in small groups, frequent knowledge and skills assessment, and the work in the architectonically modern buildings and pleasant academic working environment.

Faculty of filology

001_Filoloski_copy• Study Program English language 180 ECTS
• Study Program English language240 ECTS

Studies at the Faculty of Philology are designed with the aim to provide quality knowledge of English language, Anglo-American culture and literature, as well as the methodological and pedagogical sciences necessary for teaching. Students gain skills in the areas of English, the ability of critical thinking and enable it to be excellent teachers.

Fiscal academy

003_Poreska• Study Program Tax 180 ECTS
• Study Program Tax 240 ECTS

The Academy is structured in a way to give students at the beginning the necessary academic knowledge from economics, and also through training of tax and tax systems and questions of public finances enable them to gain basic and advanced knowledge and to enable student to become a tax professional. We think that a tax professional is a person who excellently knows the tax system of a country and has the ability to offer excellent solutions when it comes to concrete tax problems – the main goal of our academy is this profiling of students. The Academy took its place in the economy triangle Government – Business Subjects – Academy, where it deals with public and corporate tax aspect. That is why it is not strange that graduated students of the Tax Academy can expect their job in domestic and foreign private sector, but also in the state institutions (municipality, customs, tax administration).

Academy of Arts


• Department of Grafic Desing 240 ECTS
Department of Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts is one the part that connects two branches close to art and technology. Today’s design development is an indicator of progress and at same time it is connected with the economic development . At the main subjects, students primarily need to acquire basic methodological and fundamental knowledge from the profession. To become familiar with different methodologies, philosophy, art and design, specific basic skills, especially those from the constant application of the areas of graphic design, multimedia and product design.

• Music Deparment 240 ECTS
Students of the study program Music in a provocative artistic environment, with modern methods with the best teachers are educated for music teachers and musicians, performers. They are on disposal fantastic working conditions, a renowned professors, whose artistic and scientific achievements is extraordinary, who are here to convey the supreme knowledge.




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